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What’s new in Glaucoma

Dr Goodwin recently presented to Townsville’s optometrists on the latest in Glaucoma diagnosis and management at NQ Eye Specialists. Dr Goodwin is one of the only surgeons in North Queensland offering MIGS (Micro-Incisional Glaucoma Surgery) . Book an appointment at NQ Eye Specialists to find out if MIGS can help with your Glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a chronic disease of the eye which can slowly steal our peripheral vision. In most cases this happens so slowly that we don’t even know its happening. It is important to have regular eye health checks with your local optometrist. The optometrist will screen for Glaucoma and will be able to tell if you have the disease in its early stages. By the time you notice the effects of Glaucoma, the disease is likely very severe.

Does Glaucoma run in the family?

Up to 50% of people suffering with Glaucoma will have a family member who also has the disease. Often the family member won’t know they have it. If you have Glaucoma, you should encourage your family to get screened for Glaucoma as well.

What can be done about Glaucoma?

Today we can manage Glaucoma with an increasing number of treatment options . At NQ Eye Specialists we offer medical and laser therapy as well as the latest addition, Micro-Incisional Glaucoma Surgery to treat Glaucoma.

What is MIGS?

MIGS, or Micro-Incisional Glaucoma Surgery, involves that latest available surgical techniques to implant an extremely small device into the Glaucoma drainage part of your eye. The Microstents create better drainage of the fluid from the eye and decrease the pressure inside the eye. In some patients this even means we can do away with Glaucoma eye drops.

How do I find out more about my Glaucoma?

You can find out more about your specific type of Glaucoma and what can be done to help you by making an appointment with NQ Eye Specialists or by phoning us on 1300 856 074.