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Keratoconus Treatment – Technology, Risks and Benefits

Glaucoma in most cases is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. It requires a long-term team approach to slow the progression of the disease.

Dry Eye Disease Treatment – Technology, Risks and Benefits

Glaucoma in most cases is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. It requires a long-term team approach to slow the progression of the disease.

Glaucoma Treatment – Technology, Risks and Benefits

Glaucoma in most cases is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. It requires a long-term team approach to slow the progression of the disease.

APTOS Tele-Ophthalmology Conference

It is exciting to attend the second annual Asia-Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS) symposium in Hong Kong.  The next few years promises quantum leaps in providing access to specialist eye care for regional and remote patients.  We are hearing from the very best minds in the world just how close we are to achieving this by using artificial intelligence.  It is amazing to see how technology really is overcoming the tyranny of distance suffered by people in the far reaches of our beautiful country. For anyone with diabetes who has had to travel a 1000kms (or more) for an eye examination, I am sure this is welcome news.

During the symposium ophthalmologists from China, the USA, India, Nepal and Australia presented on how things are developing in this field and what challenges we face.  We heard from software and hardware engineers how anything is possible with the right levels of collaboration. We viewed presentations from Google and Apple which provides hope that collectively we can tackle the health related issues created by a growing population.

At NQ Eye Specialists, our patients travel from all corners of the state, not to mention those from interstate, to seek care.  We are always looking for better ways to minimise such extensive travel.  Our hope is that some day soon we can use this technology to better serve our patients from afar.

Further things worth keeping a watch on are:

CNNs – These are a type of Artificial Intelligence known as Convolutional Neural Networks and are the very basis of what we are using to create machines that learn.  For example a machine that can look at a photograph of the retina of someone with diabetes and tell that person just how severe their diabetes is.

Google DeepMind – This is Google’s project to create a machine so smart that it can mimic the human brain.  Ambitious but exciting prospect.  Recently this machine was able to beat the worlds best player in the worlds most complex game “Go”.

Seeing AI – This is an application just released by Microsoft (sadly not yet in Australia but watch this space) which helps the blind to see by explaining what they are pointing their smart phone at.  What a game changer for so many people who have lost their sight.

So brace yourself for the brave new world that is coming in the world of tele-ophthalmology and rest assured that we are doing our best to stay abreast of all the opportunities that are coming.


Always looking for ways to meet the needs of our patients, especially those in regional/remote QLD.

JulEYE Week 2

Good eye health starts with regular eye examinations from birth.  Studies have shown parents are putting their children eyesight at risk, as they believe it is not detrimental to their overall health.  The most critical time period for eye development is in the first ten years of life.  This is where the foundation of quality eye health is formed.  If a child has an eye condition that goes undiagnosed during this period, it can lead to permanent damage and vision loss.  Parents must be aware of the importance of regular ocular health checks to achieve a good quality life for their child.  JulEye aims to encourage parents to obtain regular eye checks for their children.  At NQ Eye Specialists we strive to deliver quality care to all ages.

Below are 5 simple tips used in JulEYE from the Eye Surgeons Foundation to ensure imperative eye health is achieved for your children;

Be Eye Aware: Know your childs behaviour, make sure you watch out for excess rubbing of eyes, headaches, nausea, dizziness.

Green is Good: Make sure your childs diet has a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, this will help optimise your child’s ocular health.

Hats Help: Broad brim hats are an imperative preventative used against UV Rays. Make sure you are taking all preventative measures for your child when they are out in the sun.

Specs Appeal: Make sure your child wears sunglasses to protect their eyes against the UV sunlight.

Balls Galore: Ensure appropriate precautions are covered and identified prior to contact sports.

For more information on Paediatric eye health, you can go to The Eye Surgeon’s Foundations JulEYE page by clicking the link below.

Children’s Eye Health

JulEYE Week 1

The Eye Surgeon’s Foundation started JulEYE to help raise awareness for eye health within the community.  The main objectives of JulyEYE are to:

  • Increase community awareness of eye disease.
  • To raise funding for vision research projects, such as finding causes and cures for vision impairments related to Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • To provide support both within Australia and internationally to develop eye health projects.


Encourages Australians to have regular eye checks.  Up to 75% of vision loss is preventable or treatable if detected early.  Vision loss can occur at any age and can be a slow change.  Most people do not notice changes until there is irreversible damage.  If you have a family history of an eye condition, it is imperative to have routine eye examinations as this can place you at a higher risk of vision loss.

You can help support JulEYE by donating to The Eye Surgeon’s Foundation by clicking donate now below:

Donate Now.

Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment – Technology, Risks and Benefits

Diabetic disease of the eye comes in several forms. Each one of these forms requires different and specialised treatments tailored to you. At NQ Eye specialists we realise that diabetes is not a condition of your eyes, but a disease of the whole body. We aim to form part of the broader team of health professionals helping you fight the effects of this disease.

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