Diabetic Eye Disease

Technology, Risks and Benefits

How do we treat Diabetic Eye Disease?

Diabetic disease of the eye comes in several forms. Each one of these forms requires different and specialised treatments tailored to you. At NQ Eye specialists we realise that diabetes is not a condition of your eyes, but a disease of the whole body. We aim to form part of the broader team of health professionals helping you fight the effects of this disease.

What technology is used in the treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease?

Commonly a diabetic eye check will mean specialised investigations of your eye to monitor any progression of the disease and guide specific treatments for you. Your diabetic eye check we will often perform retinal photography, OCT scans of your retina and occasionally a retinal angiography as well.  All these tools give us critical analysis in the ongoing management of your condition.

What are the risks of Diabetic Eye Disease, if any?

Diabetic eye disease can sneak up on you. It is important to realise that just because you can see well doesn’t mean the diabetes isn’t compromising your eyes. Diabetes attacks the blood vessel