Cataract Treatment

Technology, Risks and Benefits

Cataract Surgery Townsville

How do we treat Cataract?

At present the only method for treating cataract is with surgery. The cloudy lens (the cataract) is removed from the eye using a highly specialised ultrasound probe. This lens is replaced by an artificial lens that is permanently placed in the eye. There are many different varieties of lens implants and a multitude of factors to consider. The final solution is tailored specifically to the individual patient.

What technology is used in the treatment of Cataract?

The preoperative preparation for cataract surgery is as important as the surgery itself in ensuring a quality outcome for any patient. At NQ Eye Specialists we perform a comprehensive eye exam, to rule out any other possible eye conditions. We also conduct a wide range of screening and diagnostic investigations to ensure the quality outcomes that we strive for. Specifically, we do comprehensive scans of the cornea and the retina, we also ensure the right lens is chosen for each and every individual patient by using the best technology available today (IOL Master 700). This is done in 2 separate appointments; the first is a comprehensive work up with our optometrist, and the second is a thorough discussion about lenses and outcomes with the doctor.

What are the risks, if any?

Cataract surgery is not only one of the most common operations performed in Australia today it is also one of the safest. However, no operation is without risk. Any specific risks to you will be explained in detail during your consult at NQ Eye Specialists, should you need to proceed with cataract surgery. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

What are the benefits of treatment?

After cataract surgery, most people can see better than they could before. Some people can even become less dependant on spectacles and occasionally can throw them away all together.